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10 needed things to bring on your Halong trip.

Summer is coming and many families have planned for their summer trip. Obviously, travelling to the famous coastal areas and beaches is the choice of many people for the cooling atmosphere, fresh water and the escape from the heat of the summer.
Of all the destinations, Halong bay seems to rank on top of favorite choices. If you have thought of visiting Halong, you should prepare enough the personal stuffs, especially you choose to join in the overnight cruise tour in Halong bay. Here is the list of things that you MUST bring to make your trip be more perfect!
1. Camera
Camera must be on top of the things you should bring for every trip, not only Halong bay tours! You don’t want to wait any moments in front of the amazing landscapes. I am sure that the scenery of Halong can stun every tourist, even the most tempted one! Therefore, don’t submerge your trip in regret just by forgetting to bring a camera.
Camera- 1st on 10 neccesary thing to bring for your Halong trip.
2. Battery charger
With the 2 days 1 night tour or even longer with Huong Hai Sealife Cruise Halong 3 days 2 nights, forget to bring the battery charge can be a truly disaster. I know that you don’t want to imagine how your rest of the tour would be without cellphone to contact with friends, play game on the car or just simply to know that your cellphone still works! Remember to bring the battery charger for your cellphone, camera and other devices (I don’t recommend you bring your whole house in case it can be lost)
3. Sun cream
Sun cream is not only important for the female but also for the male in the severely hot weather of the summer. Enjoying the trip is really cool, but bringing home a tanned skin is terrible! I strongly recommend you to bring the sun cream (with the SPF index over 30, at least)
4. Personal hygiene stuffs
On the Halong cruises, every room will be equipped with enough hygiene stuffs like shampoo, toothbrush, soap, etc… However, if you are a careful person, bringing your own is necessary. Some of tourists are even allergic to some substances, so it’s better for you to prepare themselves the personal hygiene stuffs.
5. First aid
On the day tour Halong, tourists can try variety of activities such as climbing or swimming. Getting hurt by falling or being bitten by some insects or jelly fishes are happenable sometimes. Therefore, preparing some simple first-aid is essential for making your trip safer and more careful. 
Top 10 things needed to brings on your Halong tour
6. Flip flop
Visiting cave is a part of interesting activities with cruise tour Halong. However, in some cave and grotto, the ground is very slippery. Moreover, you can also take a walk on the sandy beaches. Hence, preparing a flip flop is the good way for making your movement more comfortable and fitting with many terraces. It is absolutely better than a tough pair of shoes and easy to get wet. 
7. Swim suit
Don’t tell me you can go to swim without a swim suit! No matter you are a boy or a girl, swim suit is something indispensable in your luggage. If you are a fashionista, you don’t want to be weird in an awkward clothes in the beach. Preparing a comfortable but fashionable swim suit will make you more confident in the beach.
8. Umbrella and sunglasses
In the summer, the sunshine can be really intense and you can get really hot after walking or moving back and forth. An umbrella and a pair of sunglasses are something crucial to keep your whitening skin and protect your health.
9. Games.
Joining a cruise tour Halong bay with friends is something really joyful when you can spend time together. However, you don’t want to shorten your trip by oversleep at night or getting tired soon and come back room. Therefore, bringing some games like board games, cards, instruments is highly recommend to make your night more young and memorable.
10. Money!
Last but not least, money is something you HAVE TO bring for every journey, not only with Halong bay tours. For sure, you will need it at any times of your journey. You can have all the things above with money so never forget to pack it in your pocket.
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