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24 hours lived with natural wonder Halong Bay


You won't never be regret if you choose Halong Bay as a place for your rest. This is the ideal place to meet the peaceful moments in your life. To go to Ha Long Bay, it takes you nearly 4 hours on car from Hanoi to Quang Ninh province, you will get great experiences and stay the next day while enjoying the natural wonders of Vietnam on the yacht.

Huong Hai Sealife cruise- Mini hotel on Halong waves

Halong bay cruises - Mini hotels on the Halong wave.

Initially, few girls can not swim expressed concern because of the overnight on halong bay cruise so our team almost missed the fun and attractive. The first interesting point in the 24-hour trip to experience Halong Bay, they are mini hotels - the halong cruises- in different sizes on the water.

Our delegation was just excited, curious, just feel happy because of the clear and comfortable rooms, also fresh seafood. We get sun on sundeck to admire the wonderful picture wearing between natural grandeur.

In recent years, the forms of rest on yachts to explore Ha Long Bay is considered as a new ideal travel. Wake up between the mountains and rivers, you get the feeling of peaceful and serenity in soul. Magnificent beauty of the moment of the morning, when the dawn wakes up , the sun rises and dawn signals a new day also left unforgettable impressions with me. In the 24-hour journey to experience the world's natural wonders of Ha Long Bay, we went to visit Cua Van fishing village, fishermen try shore fishing on the water, Dau Go cave explorers, discovering wild peninsula Profile and Ti Top beach.

Cua Van Fishing village

24 hours lives with natural wonder Halong Bay.

Faithful love in thousand years in painting the majestic mountains and river.2 hours fishermen offshore in the world's most beautiful fishing village - Cua Van

With charming painted landscapes, Cua Van is recognized on top of the world's most beautiful fishing village. We not only immersed in the quiet space, tranquil, the impressive nature, understanding the cultural life of the fishermen, but also be the tour guide female village, just a paddle, drop the nets catch fish, crabs, shrimp, crab ...

We try to do fishermen catch in that offshore shrimp, fish, snails, crabs, squid wrapped raised in nets in the water around the village. Achievement after 2 hours was manually practiced catching fish soup is enjoyed between clouds river scenes. Seductive aroma of fish soup with onion, salted shredded meat famous Cua Van fishermen make the whole crew remembered.

Dau Go cave explorers

When seting foot in the cave, our group was amazed at the ancient beauty, pristine and extremely attractive. I stood under the hang feeling like standing in the royal palace of ancient, monumental architecture, stately and majestic.

Majestic beauty and grandeur of Dau Go Cave.

Dau Go cave is divided into three main compartments. But most especially, the second compartment as the stone blossoms alternating colors hidden makes me enjoy the excitement and curiosity. Outer compartment shaped arches accented with paintings "canvas" describes giant unspoiled natural landscape with forests stalagmites, stalactites on the ceiling. Bottom of the cave is a freshwater in the first four seasons extractor, gushing all year.

Unspoiled peninsula Ti Top beach.

Unlike many tourist attractions in Halong Bay, in addition to water garden landscape painted marine organic situation, Titov Island also possesses a beautiful beach called Ti Top. Beach area is not large but quiet, sandy beaches are constantly being tidal wash, white, sea blue four seasons.

From on high looking down, Ti Top beach is shaped like a foot hugging island moon. The crew eagerly swim ashore and climb mountain views encompass the island.

Laughing Beach is renamed after we relaxed and left because when you're soaking in the blue waters of the tiny fish, lovely at the foot makes you laugh.

Returning from the memorable trip and inconsolable regret feeling, we scheduled a date to discover other occasions Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Son Cave, Bai Tu Long Bay, ...


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