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3 ways to satisfy your passion for traveling but making money

It is a difficult task to balance work time with travel time. Working and traveling are often regarded as two separate realities "implacable" and it is hard to achieve both of them at the same time.

In addition to Vietnam holidays, we have 12 days of annual leave, and it is so inadequate for us to explore the world outside. Therefore, if you are always cherished dream of "flying" and exploring the outside but still being "hold" foot in the workplace or just want to travel when able to earn money, then all this article is for you!

Some ways below will help how can you get out of the mold of the usual work and you can still make a living while traveling, it is important that you choose a way only isn't it!

Message in bottle - 3 ways to satisfy you traveling passion

Do not let your travel dreams permanently located in the bottle ...

1. Do the self-employed ( Working as a Freelancer )
You have good skills gained by the experience from the previous job, why you not boldly transforming yourself into "the boss" by the free, not bound by the framework? With free job, you absolutely can establish your plans more flexible and independent. Lots of opportunity for the free work paid by the hour, enough to support your travel dream expenses as: Business Consulting, project management, writer and many other interesting areas ...

Besides, some foreign websites such as Elance also provides information on the forum to help companies search for collaborators, and key collaborators can also advertise their skills up Forum. You can learn how to "offer" yourself to potential employers in order to raise "your reputation" through "word of mouth" by finishing excellently all of the assigned work. Once you have built a solid foundation, you can set up plans for their own work and you are free to go back to what you love!

With free job like this, you absolutely can work while traveling. And these are often the work related to the use of digital communication, Internet and other convenient applications. Become a "Digital nomadic worker" not only a career option but also which is increasingly popular trend for many depressed people tend to work currently restrictive. Leveraging the technology skills that you have the strength, do things in a way that allows you to work anywhere or whenever you want.

Website development and design, Photoshoper, graphic designer, programmer ... are jobs you can use the laptop for your work in any public place, either it is in an office building, in your home or on an attractive beach of Southeast Asia!

Cafe shop - Ideal workplace for freelancers

2. Combining work and stays
In fact, there are plenty of interesting work that you are doing would be traveling. These include such as: Coordinator for the conference and workshops are organized throughout the world; The staff on the cruise ship; even "hotter" jobs and there are more stringent requirements in aviation as pilots or flight attendants - the "luxuries" works allowing you to choose where to go. Besides, as an employee of the non-governmental organization can also help you get to go around the world.

Vietnam now have many people traveling over the world for studying, if you are good at foreign languages and you try to lecture at the school or training center Vietnamese language abroad, then you have the remuneration is not small for his job but not living in a new environment. With this job, you can do in the long vacation or their summer vacation.

Tours guide is a work that even its name says it all, a job that you can experience the most completely the culture of local history while traveling. Help making "rich" your knowledge of where you are in charge and getting familiar with the different parts of the world. Continuous learning is always a tonic for our hearts are always fresh.

Jobs related to import and export is also a hint you may consider. This work seems a bit vague but it involves travel to foreign locations where you can buy and sell contracts. You will be traveling and doing business around the world as a "trader" modern. For this job you should also pay attention because the manager can "entice" you by the high wages and travel, but you will do so much that you can simply enjoy the landscape where you are at and you don't have more time to discover any other beauties.

Ways to balance work time with travel time

3. Write a Blog tourism to sustain "Nomadic life"

Traveling blog Administrator is a difficult field not everyone can do it, and it will take much effort than you think. If you regularly write articles while maintaining stable development and marketing sites, this website is a difficult job, because then there is the emergence of a "forest" of other travel bloggers. Therefore, it requires you to have a specific plan and his dedication to his blog is really impressive.

However, if your blog has "brand" well, you will find a niche market, there is a number of "fans" and build given its reputation despite these obstacles. With it, you can earn a certain amount of advertising revenue and continue to write other publications in order to maintain long-term goals of your travel. Additionally, you may also receive funds "financed" from the travel agency or hotel organizations with which to "exchange" some information in your blog. Conveniently, right?


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