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The 8 most things of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends

The 8 most things of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends, you will feel more proud to be a Vietnamese citizens.

Long Beach - The pristine & most beautiful beaches on the world.

Long Beach - Phu Quoc Island has been voted on travel site of Concierge and ABC News (Australia) as one of the wildest beaches in the world. Beauty in Long Beach makes visitors a sense of peace and relaxation.

Located in the northwest of the island, with a coastline of 15km and human hands are not violate the inherent natural beauty, this place is a paradise of the sunny side of sapphire-blue waters with white sand beaches stretching.

Long Beach - The pristine & most beautiful beaches on the world.

Hue - Hoi An : Where 'take the most beautifula selfie' .

On the early of March 2014, the website Buzzfeed Travel has put Hoi An into list of 17 destination to "take the most beautiful selfie" which makes young Vietnamese have the opportunity for proud!

Hoi An was a busy commercial port more than 200 years ago, where the international trade of the merchant ships of Japan, China and the West with the Vietnamese. What remains of the ancient trading port of Hoi An is attracting visitors by the beauty crossroads of cultures and culinary diversity.

Hue - Hoi An : Where 'take the most beautifula selfie'

Halong bay - Most beautiful bays on the world.

In 2011, Ha Long Bay Quang Ninh Province was voted in the top of 7 natural wonders of the new world organization. National Geographic magazine is also voted halong bay as the most attractive choice for Valentine's season 2014. As context appeared in many international films and Vietnam, Halong Bay is the destination's attractions in Quang Ninh Province . More than 2,000 limestone islands many unique shapes and unique geological structure forms a gathering of the biodiversity.

Besides Halong Bay, Nha Trang Bay and Lang Co (Hue) is also in the list of the most beautiful bays in the world due Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World recognized.

Halong bay - Most beautiful bays on the world

Vietnamese - The world's most delicious dishes.

According Bussiness Insider page, Pho Vietnam was voted as one of the dishes , you have to eat once in a lifetime,
Pho is representative of traditional dishes with a blend of spices and specific ingredients, this dish brings its own attractive flavor helping Vietnamese cuisine famous over the world.

Vietnamese - The world's most delicious dishes

Ho chi Minh city - The city has the most delicious street food.

HCM City ranks 8th in honor of the streets with the most delicious cuisine in the world as voted by Food and Wine magazine. Easily found inside the pavement, roadside snacks Saigon town for less than 1 USD and unforgettable flavors are criteria that help his city name on this chart.

In the World Street Food Festival 2013 held the in Singapore, baked sticky rice bananas and Khot cake was honored as the dishes can make you wobble by the hard to resist their delicious.

Vietnamese - The world's most delicious dishes

Hanoi - Attractive destination for the world's.

Tour site TripAdvisor has released the list of the most attractive destinations voted by readers with the 8 position belonging to Hanoi.

Besides 36 ancient streets, Hanoi brings nostalgic strokes, quiet with the French villas and ancient buildings, temples, lakes, parks ... 

Hanoi - Attractive destination for the world's

Son Doong cave - The world's largest cave.

After the discovery of the recent expedition, Son Doong cave (Quang Binh province) was officially recognized as the world's largest cave with a length of up to nearly 9km.

Located in the caves of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, its beauty is described as spectacular and impressive with lush tropical forests or rivers flowing cool inside the cave, and countless stalactite is multifaceted ... Huffington Post US and BBC also spent a lot of praise and stunning images of the cave Son Doong to readership.

Son Doong - The world's largest cave

Ban Gioc - The most Beautiful & big waterfalls on the world.

Ban Gioc (Cao Bang province) is considered as the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia and ranks fourth position with the stretches almost 300 meters, down billowing from a height of 53 meters down to the bottom, creating a wonderful majestic scenery.

Depending on the time of year, however, the best time for visitors to fully enjoy this Ban Gioc waterfall is in August when the rainy season comes.

Ban Gioc waterfall

Tam Coc - Bich Dong - "Halong Bay on land"

"Halong Bay on land" : Tam Coc - Bich Dong in Ninh Binh province.

Tam Coc - Bich Dong - "Halong Bay on land"

Tourist resort of Tam Coc - Bich Dong is a natural area about 350,3ha, located 2km from new National Highway 1A, 7km from the Ninh Binh city, 9km from Tam Diep town . It also is known for famous names such as "Ha Long Bay on land" or "". The entire of region includes the system of limestone caves and historic sites related to Tran Dynasty located mainly in Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh.

"Halong Bay on land" : Tam Coc - Bich Dong in Ninh Binh province.

The main tourist routes at here:

Tam Coc - Thai Vi Temple - Thien Huong Cave

This is a cruise line to be the first operator in the tourist resort of Tam Coc - Bich Dong. The boat rider will
take visitors on Ngo Dong River winding through the cliffs, caves and rice paddies.

The peace in Tam Coc - Bich Dong tourist resort

Tam Coc, means "Three Caves", includes The first Cave, Second Cave and The Third Cave, all three are formed by Ngo Dong River going through the mountain. The First cave is 127m in length, through a large 20 meters-wide gateway mountain, with many stalactites hang down. The second cave, nearly 1km from the First cave, is 60 meters long, the ceiling with stalactites hanging down very strange. The third caves, near the second cave, is like a stone arch ceiling and lower than the others.

Activities on Tam Coc Bich Dong Toursist destination

Tien Cave - Linh Coc Temple

Tien Cave is the most beautiful dry cave in Tam Coc - Bich Dong resort, located nearly 1km from Bich Dong Pagoda, consists of three large caves, width and height. There are many dynamic rock ceiling, pendulous stalactites sparkling colors that looks like a large tree roots, with interesting shapes as grain crops, angelfish, fairies, elephants, lions, tigers, period momentum, dragons, eagles, and even clouds colorful fly. The rocks in the cave when typed in will create many kinds of strange sounds.

How to get to the Tam Coc Bich Dong  - "Halong bay on land" ?

Ticket prices visit scenic Tam Coc - Bich Dong is VND120,000 / adult and VND60,000 / child. Guests
come here if you want to visit tourist attractions on the coast can rent a bike, but boat line you must take
charge to catch the ferry. The price is 150,000 for a boat trip, only carries 4 passengers / turn with Vietnam
and 2 foreign visitors/ turn.

Pristine and quiet of Banh Sua - Milk Cake Island

A day on the Banh Sua - Milk Cake island.

Located in Gold Card arc in Bai Tu Long Bay (Quang Ninh province), the island with a special name Banh
Sua or Tu Hai is so pristine, quiet, completely separate from the crowded Co To Island or Quan Lan Island

Not owning long white sandy beaches with blue water, no luxury hotels without stars and no bustling
atmosphere of the resort, the island of Milk Cake has itself a individual charactertistic. Previously, the island
is for aquaculture but now it is transforming into a tourist destination to discover.

Pristine and quiet of Banh Sua - Milk Cake Island

Enjoy a day on the island of Milk Cake: 5 am, when the tide is at its lowest, is the most appropriate time for
tourists and residents to catch sea cucumbers.

After a simple breakfast, people go on a boat to the Quan Cach cave and it takes about 30 minutes . The cave had been requisitioned as a military base during the American war of the North of Vietnam destruction. There are many shapes of stalactites columns and no less beautiful than caves in Halong Bay.

At noon when the sun shining down blue waters, the boat stops at the raft houses of fishermen on the bay.
From the water, they pull up the grid filled with seafood. Come on shrimp, fish, squid, crab ... all in fresh.

We bought some fresh seafood to bring back to Milk Cake Island to have the villager processing them. A lunch platter with full of seafood is brought up soon after. Sipped a cool beer, enjoying a red crab pincers and hear the ocean waves on the sand that feel happy, extremely happy!!!

A day on the island of Milk Cake Island

Original marine characterized Lunch of Van Don Island to tickle period, lion snail steamed, fried squid ...

Bai Tu Long Bay spectacular sight: Milk Cake Island has an area of less than 1km2 there are no long sandy
beaches as the others islands, but it has blue water cool and pristine.

Banh Sua - Milk Cake island island at noon

The island has a high rocky mountains, where people say it is the most beautiful place to watch the sunset
and panoramic of Bai Tu Long Bay. On the sunset, Bai Tu Long Bay appeared blue in mild sunshine.For admiring the fire red sun slowly sink into the mountains in all shapes immediate don't make us upset although sweating climbing the mountain.

Bai Tu Long Bay panoramic view from Milk cake island

Bai Tu Long Bay panoramic under sunset light.

"I like to take pictures and was watching the sunset in many different places on the island, but sunset very
magnificent Milk Cake. Bai Tu Long Bay panorama is full of sight, it will be one of the most beautiful sunset
photograph of me ", Le Dinh Nam (Phu Tho) share.

From Hanoi, you can take the bus ( My Dinh bus station, Gia Lam Luong Yen) to the city of Cam Pha (Quang Ninh) with a distance of about 220 km. Then take a bus, taxi or motorcycle taxi to the port of Cai Rong ( Van Don district).

In Cai Rong, you board the train Van Don - Ngoc Vung island, the ships stop at Milk Cake Island too.

Villagers life on Banh Sua Milk Cake Island

Little Vietnam & Hoi An Old quater on Halong bay

Besides, the construction of luxury houses with a similar design as Hoi An Old Quarter, Vietnamese Constructor will also build townhouses which reproducing architecture of Hanoi Old Quarter on the banks of Halong Bay, Quang Ninh.

Hoi An ancient town on the banks of Halong bay

Perspective Project Little Vietnam imitates Hoi An in Marina Halong Urban Area, Ha Long, Quang Ninh. 

Little Vietnam project on Halong bay

Recreate the Hanoi old quarter and Hoi An ancient town on the banks of Halong Bay Vietnam.

Little Vietnam and Hoi An Old quater on Halong bay vietnam

Following Syrena Vietnam, Little Vietnam project is being built, includes luxury townhouses product line with similar designs of Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoi An ancient town on the banks of Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh.

Little Vietnam is located on the 2nd peninsula, points between two large resorts Tuan Chau and Bai Chay, scale construction area about 3.3 hectares, including commercial townhouses combined between living space and retail sales.

This project is a commercial real estate luxury travel, is located in the center of Marina Halong Urban , Bai Chay, Quang Ninh scale up to 248ha.

Route of bus from Bai Chay port to Tuan Chau

Along with the moving of all the cruises from Bai Chay to Tuan Chau Port, Quang Ninh will open a new bus route: Bai Chay - Tuan Chau to serve residents and visitors wishing to visit Halong Bay. Bus routes will be officially operated on 01.01.2016.

Tuan Chau International Port Overview

Tuan Chau International Port meets the needs of thousands of parked vehicles.

Currently, the road from Bai Chay to Tuan Chau is extended to 30km, while having no bus. Especially , visitors do not take the tour, if you want to visit Halong Bay will be very difficult to move to the port. Seize the travel needs of residents and visitors, at the same time, together with the Committee of Quang Ninh province to build the brand's Ha Long tourist destination and worth living, Phuc Xuyen Company Limited has invested commissioning "special" bus Bai Chay tourist Area - Tuan Chau international passenger Port .
Mr. Doan The Xuyen , Director of Phuc Xuyen Company Limited said, the route of bus lines include: Old Bai Chay ferry terminal (Lighthouse) - Bai Chay Post Office - Muong Thanh Hotel - New beach - Night Market (Lotus Hotels - Marine Plaza) - Hung Thang road - Toyota Quang Ninh - international Resorts Tuan Chau - Port Tuan Chau international passenger ships. The company is expected to exploit the frequency of 20 minutes / trip and will be increased to 10 minutes / trip on rush hour. The ticket price: VND7,000 and VND10,000 / turn; The entire route is VND15,000.

Route of bus from Bai Chay port to Tuan Chau

Also according to Mr. Doan The Xuyen, for a short time to prepare should the companies is rushing to arrange vehicles, personnel, facilities ... to route went into operation on schedule as planned. The company is conducting the survey, planned to install the guest reception stations, billboards, buses and the best layout on routes serving "special" is. The company also propose Tuan Chau Group for supporting the installation of the hitching posts, signs in the locality area Tuan Chau International Tourism and free of charge parking facilities at the port area. The company also wants to subsidize bus routes provincial "special" to further improve vehicle quality, serving travelers to Halong.

Bai Chay port -Tuan Chau: The "Gateway" to Halong Bay

International passenger ship port Tuan Chau - "Gateway" Halong Bay.

Talking to us, Mr. Dang Tuan Ha, deputy director of international passenger ships , Tuan Chau Port said, with existing capacity, cruise port terminal area can accommodate thousands of cars at the same time kind the number of people visiting at about 50 to 60 thousand people. Therefore, Port vessels will allocate a separate area for buses Bai Chay - Tuan Chau ensure safety and convenience for residents and visitors.
Date 01/01/2016, Bai Chay bus - Tuan Chau official activities. Certainly with the preparation of the Company Limited Phuc Xuyen and international passenger ships Port Tuan Chau bus "special" will please the residents and visitors, contributing to build beautiful pictures Ha Long tourism with people.

Impressed with "Sapa in Quang Ninh"!

Binh Lieu - Sapa in Quang Ninh Province.

The Binh Lieu mountainous districts is far away of Ha Long city (Quang Ninh) about more than 100 km, referred to as "Sa Pa of Quang Ninh". The terraced fields, the culture of the ethnic minorities are captivating those who once came.

Binh Lieu - Sapa in Quang Ninh province
Binh Lieu - Enchanting destinations in Quang Ninh.

Magnificent Halong Bay through the panorama from above.

Khe Van waterfall attracts many visitors for it charming

Many visitors to Binh Lieu surprised as to Sapa.

Golden rice fields as flows from hilltop

Terraces, not specialty just go to Lao Cai to see!

The ancient stone houses of ethnic located in the green acres of terraces fields. Many places, cultivated terraces on the rocks.

Khe Van waterfall has cool air all the day although in sunny day

The First , Khe Van waterfall in Khe Van village, Huc Dong district, about 20 km far away from Binh Lieu town ,  is the destination for many people and visitorsThe Khe Van Waterfall is 100 meters in height, divided into three floors. Midday in a sunny day but it is still in cool air.

Binh Lieu moutainous area, the flower flowers bloom throughout the year

Fresh air, unspoiled scenery, climate Binh Lieu also has four seasons in a day. Here flowering plums not need to wait for spring.

Vietnam Timeless Charm!

Recommendation of keeping Vietnam tourism slogan " Vietnam Timeless Charm ".

The strategy of developing Vietnam's tourism brand to 2025, forward to 2030 is being built, the Vietnam General Department of Tourism proposes to retain the brand identity and slogan "Timeless Charm vietnam-" (Vietnam - endless beauty) and focus to increase the inner values, while promoting tele-communicated brand; priorities in 4 core values (time, commitment, mystery, intensity) and 4 tourism product lines (cultural tourism, cruises & islands, ecotourism, natural tourist city), in which tourism product line are introduced to the market key objectives.

Vietnam Tourism slogan "Vietnam -Timeless charm"

The proposal also sets targets: raising awareness and skills; focusing on developing a brand of tourist destinations and prominent tourist areas, high quality; identify and promote the brand, the typical image. On measures, the project prioritizes on promotion, together with synchronous and long-term solutions ; awareness raising about mechanisms, policies and investments; supports local business and tourism to strengthen management capacity; strengthening connection and inter-regional collaboration and interdisciplinary and international cooperation. Also, the proposal also defines the framework plan for each stages.
Currently, the General Department of Tourism has been encouraging response, participation of businesses, locals to promote effective strategies to promote tourism development in Vietnam. Tourism Authority continue to improve project preparation workshop consultation of businesses, local authorities in the future.

Vietnam - The Hiden Charm

Along the S Shape of Vietnam

The 20 year anniversary the world nature heritage - Halong Bay

20 year anniversary of Halong Bay was recognized as world natural heritage.

The 20 years ago, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh province is recognized as one of the 7 Natural Wonder of the World, this event have marked the milestone with Ha Long Bay in the conservation, promotion the value of the world's natural heritage. Quang Ninh Province proudly endowed with precious stones - Halong Bay, a special national relic - a legacy - one wonders, had twice been recognized as a World Natural Heritage by exceptional value. Landscape, mountains and river, along with Halong gentle man, friendly has become the source of inspiration for the creative, Halong Bay goes into poetry, music, painting, be spread across all locations to friends in the country and worldwide.

Shortly after becoming a World Natural Heritage, Halong Bay has been identified as an invaluable resource in need of protection in long-term & solid. Conservation must simultaneously, both operators and promote sustainability. The issue of environmental protection has always been the province of Quang Ninh priority. With many efforts to improve and ensure the environment as implementation of environmental management plan, putting the entire operation transporting coal out of the core of the heritage areas; Construction plans for solid waste collection and transportation in the Gulf of processing ...

20 year anniversary of Halong bay was recognised as world nature heritage

Twenty years since it was recognized as a world natural heritage, so far, Halong Bay is defined as the center, the driving force for development of Quang Ninh tourism. With the efforts of the management, conservation and promotion of heritage values, the number of tourists visiting Ha Long Bay is increasing. Calculated from 1996 to present, Ha Long Bay has welcomed 28.8 million visitors, of which 14.2 million international passengers. Revenue more than 1,400 billion. In recent years, an annual average of 2.5 to 2.7 million visitors. 9 months of this year, Ha Long Bay has welcomed 1.8 million visitors, sales reached 370 billion, reaching 85% of the provincial allocation plan.

Performing art show on 20 year anniversary the world nature heritage - Halong Bay

Besides the value of natural heritage conservation is absolute, the tourist attractions in Halong Bay has a new face, many unique tourism product is formed, attractive and attract tourists , in the management, conservation and promotion of heritage value have achieved important results but also encountered many difficulties and challenges, between conservation and exploitation of value not only to Halong Bay heritage but also as resources are particularly important for economic development - social.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan, member of the Politburo, Central Committee Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front had praised, recognized the efforts, creativity, effort of the Party, the main authorities and people of Quang Ninh in the management, conservation and promotion of the values of heritage Halong Bay; Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan noted, Quang Ninh province needs more efforts to attract more and more tourists to Ha Long, put tourism development to a new level; Along with the heritage of Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh Yen Tu also, also the place of Buddhism in Vietnam, is the repository of the kind of victory twice Bach Dang victory invaders of the north; Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan desired, Quang Ninh province to continue finalizing the planning and tourism development plan, the province's culture, to Ha Long Bay to become tourist destination for both domestic and international.

20 year anniversary the world nature heritage - Halong Bay
Shortly after the opening, performing art program with the theme "Keep Halong forever green" of more than 300 professional actors and amateurs with artists, famous singer's hometown in Quang Ninh such as People's Artist Quang Tho, Ha Hoai Thu, To Minh Thang, Tuan Anh ... This is also the highlight of the program, there is a harmonious combination between the songs of the sea, the history & legends as well as the outstanding universal value of the heritage - the world wonders of Ha Long Bay, from the aesthetic value, geological and geomorphological values, the value of biodiversity to the historical values and culture.

Uniquely: Tents on the seaside of Co To

Uniquely: Tents and mini Hotel on the seaside of Co To Coast.


In recent years, visiting the Co To Islands District, visitors not only mingle with white sand and blue sea in sunshine but also explore the novelties in the space of the tent along the coast.

The tents on the seaside of Co To Island is becoming kind of a unique resort type in Co To.
Co To Island District has been known as one of the most beautiful & romantic beaches in the north, with the white sand stretches, blue waters and always fresh air ... The recent years, visitors have chosen it as for relaxation in the summer.

I have had the opportunity to return to Pearl Islands - Co To and very surprised from the strong development of this island. Seen from the sea, Co To looming as a beautiful urban center with high-rise buildings, modern hotels on the coast.
What made we most interesting is that the experience of the tents ( are like a mini hotel ) along the coast, unique form in Co To.
Currently the mini hotels are divided into two types. Specialy, 1 type islanders called as" duck tent ". This room was designed close to the coast, the interior is designed in novel style, personality for the tourists who prefer to explore.
These tents are wooden hut, thatched roofs, doors windswept seafront, giving visitors closer to heaven. The inside and outside are arranged harmoniously , close to the nature not like the space of a few old motels on the mainland. 


Uniquely : Tents on the seaside of Co To Island
The beautiful & romantic cottages in the seaside of Co To Island.

Talking to us, Mr Nguyen Van Thang, Manager at Van Chay beach area, The 4th area, Dong Tien (Co To) said: " Co To is loved for wild, so we I do not want to break the seashore landscape by the high-rise motels. After visiting many resorts in Central, we decided to invest to build 4 bungalow accommodation tents (growers) on Van Chay Beach. Called as tents but interior are full of the most basic amenities so vitors love to give them good reviews.

Leading us to visit the tents at the beach, Mr. Nguyen Van Thang said, this lodge tents don't typically cost greater investment than building high-rise motels but it returns good price and attracts tourists guest.
Uniquely: Tents and mini Hotel on the seaside of Co To Coast

One other type of accommodation in Co To these are called mini hotels "container". These rooms are also nicely designed, no less than the "tent duck" . They have modern amenities such as air conditioning, LED television ... Now on the island, it has over 10 exclusive rooms.

According to many visitors, they choose the Co To for their vacation to look for a quiet place, close to nature, romantic time to relax after hard labor. After having relaxment here, tourists can experience many interesting experiences. After bathing in cool water or sunbathing, tourists can freely walk delight, bicycle or electric drive yourself on the long white sand beach next to his tent. Also, tourists also enjoy seaside dining with luxury table outside the tent with fresh seafood processed by Islanders : abalone, oysters baked, grilled squid ... or a cup of coffee immersed in the unique sofa made of sand ...

Inside a mini hotel with good amenities on Co To Beach
Inside a mini hotel with good amenities on Co To Beach.

Talking with us, Mr. Le Duy Thanh, visitors from Hai Phong: "It is wonderful, newly seaside luxury resort and enjoys salty seafood from the sea .. . If given the opportunity I will come back again Co To ".
This type of service is not new in Vietnam but also as " the rarities" to the unspoiled beaches in addition to remote islands, offers exciting experiences for travelers.

The romantic dinner on the Co to Beach
According to the Quang Ninh News

Beautiful places to take wedding photoes in Quang Ninh

Beautiful destinations for taking wedding album in Quang Ninh.

You are about to organize your honeymoon or intend to choose beautiful places for for your wedding album. Have you got the ideal location or not? Quang Ninh is not only a tourist destination of the world, but also the location attractive to couple. There are 6 most beautiful places: Van Don, Bai Chay Beach, Quang Ninh Museum, Tuan Chau,  Quan Lan Island ...

Beautiful places to take wedding photoes in Quang Ninh

Van Don Island District.

 Van Don island district with spectacular natural scenery, the beautiful island rising high above the sea, sandy beaches and smooth tonality stretching tens of kilometers, the long wooden bridge, curved reach out to the sea ... All of them makes up the soft beauty, lyricism for your wedding album.
Van Don Port brings a wild beauty, where the waves die cornered. It retains the definition of peace and quiet so you get two free (completely comfortable) to release your soul with the beautiful photos and the most natural.

Quan Lan Island.

Known after Van Don island district so Quan Lan still retain wild character. The scenery covers the island is beaches, Clear coastline and peaceful white water  .... All are very real, real amazing makes the perfect picture can not be better.

Quan Lan wild island for your wedding album

Tuan Chau 

Romantic beauty mixed with modern features have made a lot of couples "travel" hundreds of kilometers from Hanoi and Hai Duong, Hai Phong to Halong to record the happy shoots here. Tuan Chau is not only beautiful with white sand beaches sparkling in the sunshine, with the diversified structure alternating between spectacular mountains, but also is considered as one of the most romantic island in the world's natural wonders Ha Long Bay.

Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay Beach with white sand, blue sea, as well as an irresistible place to be if you intend to Quang Ninh for taking wedding photoes. Image of Bai Chay bridge will certainly make your wedding picture is extremely impressive.

Bride and groom on Bai Chay beach

Halong Bay.

Looking down from above, Ha Long Bay as an extremely giant lively picture. An island is shaped like a person standing on the land, another is like a dragon hovering above the water, another is like an old man sitting fishing (Hon Ong La Vong),  Hon Chicken, Hon Lu Huong ... All look very real, real amazing. The bride and groom can choose to delight the scenery, caves ... do wedding photography locations. Ha Long will be a place to keep the best picture of the bride and groom.

Taking wedding photoes in Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh Museum.

Location: 165 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Ha Long City. Quang Ninh Museum is a fascinating for wedding photography of many couples, this place holds many precious artifacts as well as the country's

And Quang Ninh Library, next to Quang Ninh Museum maybe one more bonus suggest for bride and groom when coming to Quang Ninh!