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Blog posts of '2015' 'June'

Quang Ninh: Opening the first pedestrian street in Mong Cai

Quang Ninh: Opening the first pedestrian street in Mong Cai.

Source: Quang Ninh News

On 30/5, Mong Cai City held the opening ceremony of Tran Phu Walking Street (Tran Phu Ward) and announced Trademarks certification of product protection: white shrimp, Tra Co crab and Mong Cai pork.

The first walking street on Halong

The delegates cut the ribbon to open pedestrian Tran Phu walking street.

Quang Ninh: Opening the first pedestrian street in Mong Cai

The program has attracted thousands of residents and tourists.

At the ceremony, Mr. Luu Hoang Linh, Vice Chairman of Mong Cai People's Committees has announced the certification trademarks protected products: white shrimp, Tra Co crab and Mong Cai pork; announced the launch of Tran Phu Walking Street. This is the first pedestrian streets of Quang Ninh.

Also in the program, the "street festival" is held spectacularly with fireworks art, dragon dance, festival drum, performers dressed as cartoon characters, flashmob dance performances, Grand , Hawai ... along the streets with the participation of hundreds of actors. The delegates and thousands of people, tourists visit and enjoy free Sai Gon Beer and OCOP products exhibited at the festival ...

The first Tran Phu walking street on Halong

The launch in use of Tran Phu walking street has created new tourism products unique in Mong Cai City. Thereby, it contributed in promoting trade, tourism and Mong Cai development.

At walking routes, layout of stalls, selling food area dining Vietnam and China; displaying and selling products of OCOP Quang Ninh: many brand products as: white shrimp, sausage, yam ... Also here will regularly take place cultural programs special entertainment attractions and people attending, sightseeing and shopping.

In the immediate future, Tran Phu street walk will be in 4 night / week (from 4th to 7th).

Minh Chau (Pearl) find solutions for attracting tourist.

Quang Ninh: Minh Chau (Pearl) find solutions for attracting tourist.

Source: Quang Ninh Newspaper

In 2014, Minh Chau Communecalled Pearl in Van Don district) had about more than 26,300 visitors, 20 billion of revenue, up 10.5% over the previous year. During the past of Vietnam holiday on April 30 2015, the number of tourist to Minh Chau is 6,000 ( double the capacity of the pick-tourism units). This shows that the tourism potential of Minh Chau is great. However, the tourism here still has some insufficient. 

Minh Chau Pearl (Quang ninh Vietnam) Villager Daily life

The whole commune has 16 motels and hotels with over 300 rooms. The peak days, visitors to Minh Chau Pearl reached 3,000 guests.

One more advantance for tourist season this year is that the grid of Electricity has been finished. Many motels offer discount plan up to 35% of rooms' price. Since early of this year, People's Committees has encouraged villagers for building houses like Homestay style, but when necessary, they can welcome tourists. Homestay model will solve travelers' accommodation situation on these days, too crowded passenger traffic, reduce the increasing price on the rush days.

2015 Minh Chau Electricity Grid has been completed

This year, Minh Chau Pearl transport system and road waterway has been improved a lot. From the capital of the province, district, Minh Chau Commune has upgraded Cua Doi Dock ( investment capital 2.8 billion VND ); renew 15km in length and 12m in wide of communal roads Minh Chau Pearl - Quan Lan Island, ( more than 300 billion). These traffic works create many social advantages for tourism development, such as the transfer from the island to the mainland is more secure and develop inter-village tours .

Minh Chau pearl Vietnam Ecotourism

In mid-May, 5 electric bus ( each with 12 seats, roofed) imported from Japan (over 750 million), reaching the standards of sanitation , ecotourism are in service of Minh Chau Pearl - Quan Lan Island route. Investment Unit has conducted driver training, employ certificated & expertised employee in tourism. Operating trams take visitors from Pearl to Quan Lan and vice versa, at the speed of 35 km / h, the entire route takes 45 minutes, meeting the expectations of tourists traveling to the island.

The Wild Minh Chau Pearl Beach

In 2015, Pearl - Minh Chau Commune has the plans to welcome 30,000 visitors. In the seminar "Finding solutions to improve the quality of tourism services in the commune of Pearl 2015" organized by the Commune People's Committee, many participants gave opinions: Tourism extant too monotonous, just mainly beach tourism. To tourists staying long day, should open more social activities as Bai Tu Long Cave visiting. By located on Bai Tu Long Bay, very close to the Minh Chau Pearl commune, is Nha Tro Cave like natural theater at sea. Cave stalactites have the shape of birds and animals ... The entrails have approximately 200m2 of space very much like an ancient theater. Also on Bai Tu Long Bay, Cai De Groto has many beautiful stalactites, small boat can be rowing through ( Kayaking on Bai Tu Long Bay). Crossing the grotto, the wide area of about 10ha farm with giant mangrove trees dating back hundreds of years. Both two caves are definitely attractive for tourists. But to organize this type of tourism, should have the attention of the provincial and district levels.

Vietnam in top 10 best countries to travel alone.

Vietnam is among the top 10 destinations for people who like traveling alone, Travel + Leisure recently released a list of 10 best countries for people traveling alone. 

Vietnam in TOP 10 best countries for traveling alone

"Traveling alone" does not mean lonely, in fact, you'll appreciate the things around more. Walk alone is worth experience to try, sometimes like going to dinner and the movies alone ... The difference of this type of tourism is that you are away from your home and you have to pay more.

The famous Tour assistance website of Travel + Leisure has just published a list of the countries best suited for people who like to go it alone. Results based on the Happy Planet Index ( The relationship between longevity, comfort and behaviors impacting on the environment in 151 countries), the Global Peace Index ( ranking of 162 countries based on the peace - which visitors can feel in full trip alone without fear of abduction).

The best halong bay cruise for when visiting Vietnam

 10 best things to bring for a perfect Halong bay.

Besides of Japan and Indonesia, Vietnam ranks in the 6th position.

Top of the list is New Zealand, the next position in turn belongs to Norway, Switzerland. America is not in the top 10 best countries for tourists to travel alone. Vietnam (6th), Japan (8th) and Indonesia (10th) are the three representatives of Asia.

10 best destinations for traveling alone

10 best countries for people traveling alone:

1. New Zealand

2. Norway

3. Switzerland

4. Costa Rica

5. Australia

6. Vietnam

7. Chile

8. Japan

9. Sweden

10. Indonesia. 

3 famous you should certainly go when traveling to vietnam

Visiting Vietnam, there are 3 famous you must certainly go: Halong bay in the North, Hue ancient capital ( Hoi An Ancient Town) and Da Nang city.

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Halong bay in the North of Vietnam

The first on your Vietnam Tour, you should definitely visit the legacy world natural wonders of Ha Long Bay

Hoi An Town Vietnam

Hội An ancient Town in Hue ancient capital, with the quaint, rustic, stately beauty, is the second destination on your Vietnam tour. 

Hoi An Ancient Town by night

Tu Duc Mausoleum on Hue-Hoi An Tours

The last of 3 famous, it will certainly be Da nang city , where there are many beaches and long islets, is worth living most in Vietnam.

Da Nang Beaches on your Vietnam Tour Trip