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Little Vietnam & Hoi An Old quater on Halong bay

Besides, the construction of luxury houses with a similar design as Hoi An Old Quarter, Vietnamese Constructor will also build townhouses which reproducing architecture of Hanoi Old Quarter on the banks of Halong Bay, Quang Ninh.

Hoi An ancient town on the banks of Halong bay

Perspective Project Little Vietnam imitates Hoi An in Marina Halong Urban Area, Ha Long, Quang Ninh. 

Little Vietnam project on Halong bay

Recreate the Hanoi old quarter and Hoi An ancient town on the banks of Halong Bay Vietnam.

Little Vietnam and Hoi An Old quater on Halong bay vietnam

Following Syrena Vietnam, Little Vietnam project is being built, includes luxury townhouses product line with similar designs of Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoi An ancient town on the banks of Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh.

Little Vietnam is located on the 2nd peninsula, points between two large resorts Tuan Chau and Bai Chay, scale construction area about 3.3 hectares, including commercial townhouses combined between living space and retail sales.

This project is a commercial real estate luxury travel, is located in the center of Marina Halong Urban , Bai Chay, Quang Ninh scale up to 248ha.

The 20 year anniversary the world nature heritage - Halong Bay

20 year anniversary of Halong Bay was recognized as world natural heritage.

The 20 years ago, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh province is recognized as one of the 7 Natural Wonder of the World, this event have marked the milestone with Ha Long Bay in the conservation, promotion the value of the world's natural heritage. Quang Ninh Province proudly endowed with precious stones - Halong Bay, a special national relic - a legacy - one wonders, had twice been recognized as a World Natural Heritage by exceptional value. Landscape, mountains and river, along with Halong gentle man, friendly has become the source of inspiration for the creative, Halong Bay goes into poetry, music, painting, be spread across all locations to friends in the country and worldwide.

Shortly after becoming a World Natural Heritage, Halong Bay has been identified as an invaluable resource in need of protection in long-term & solid. Conservation must simultaneously, both operators and promote sustainability. The issue of environmental protection has always been the province of Quang Ninh priority. With many efforts to improve and ensure the environment as implementation of environmental management plan, putting the entire operation transporting coal out of the core of the heritage areas; Construction plans for solid waste collection and transportation in the Gulf of processing ...

20 year anniversary of Halong bay was recognised as world nature heritage

Twenty years since it was recognized as a world natural heritage, so far, Halong Bay is defined as the center, the driving force for development of Quang Ninh tourism. With the efforts of the management, conservation and promotion of heritage values, the number of tourists visiting Ha Long Bay is increasing. Calculated from 1996 to present, Ha Long Bay has welcomed 28.8 million visitors, of which 14.2 million international passengers. Revenue more than 1,400 billion. In recent years, an annual average of 2.5 to 2.7 million visitors. 9 months of this year, Ha Long Bay has welcomed 1.8 million visitors, sales reached 370 billion, reaching 85% of the provincial allocation plan.

Performing art show on 20 year anniversary the world nature heritage - Halong Bay

Besides the value of natural heritage conservation is absolute, the tourist attractions in Halong Bay has a new face, many unique tourism product is formed, attractive and attract tourists , in the management, conservation and promotion of heritage value have achieved important results but also encountered many difficulties and challenges, between conservation and exploitation of value not only to Halong Bay heritage but also as resources are particularly important for economic development - social.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan, member of the Politburo, Central Committee Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front had praised, recognized the efforts, creativity, effort of the Party, the main authorities and people of Quang Ninh in the management, conservation and promotion of the values of heritage Halong Bay; Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan noted, Quang Ninh province needs more efforts to attract more and more tourists to Ha Long, put tourism development to a new level; Along with the heritage of Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh Yen Tu also, also the place of Buddhism in Vietnam, is the repository of the kind of victory twice Bach Dang victory invaders of the north; Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan desired, Quang Ninh province to continue finalizing the planning and tourism development plan, the province's culture, to Ha Long Bay to become tourist destination for both domestic and international.

20 year anniversary the world nature heritage - Halong Bay
Shortly after the opening, performing art program with the theme "Keep Halong forever green" of more than 300 professional actors and amateurs with artists, famous singer's hometown in Quang Ninh such as People's Artist Quang Tho, Ha Hoai Thu, To Minh Thang, Tuan Anh ... This is also the highlight of the program, there is a harmonious combination between the songs of the sea, the history & legends as well as the outstanding universal value of the heritage - the world wonders of Ha Long Bay, from the aesthetic value, geological and geomorphological values, the value of biodiversity to the historical values and culture.