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Vietnam in top 10 best countries to travel alone.

Vietnam is among the top 10 destinations for people who like traveling alone, Travel + Leisure recently released a list of 10 best countries for people traveling alone. 

Vietnam in TOP 10 best countries for traveling alone

"Traveling alone" does not mean lonely, in fact, you'll appreciate the things around more. Walk alone is worth experience to try, sometimes like going to dinner and the movies alone ... The difference of this type of tourism is that you are away from your home and you have to pay more.

The famous Tour assistance website of Travel + Leisure has just published a list of the countries best suited for people who like to go it alone. Results based on the Happy Planet Index ( The relationship between longevity, comfort and behaviors impacting on the environment in 151 countries), the Global Peace Index ( ranking of 162 countries based on the peace - which visitors can feel in full trip alone without fear of abduction).

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Besides of Japan and Indonesia, Vietnam ranks in the 6th position.

Top of the list is New Zealand, the next position in turn belongs to Norway, Switzerland. America is not in the top 10 best countries for tourists to travel alone. Vietnam (6th), Japan (8th) and Indonesia (10th) are the three representatives of Asia.

10 best destinations for traveling alone

10 best countries for people traveling alone:

1. New Zealand

2. Norway

3. Switzerland

4. Costa Rica

5. Australia

6. Vietnam

7. Chile

8. Japan

9. Sweden

10. Indonesia.