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Pristine and quiet of Banh Sua - Milk Cake Island

A day on the Banh Sua - Milk Cake island.

Located in Gold Card arc in Bai Tu Long Bay (Quang Ninh province), the island with a special name Banh
Sua or Tu Hai is so pristine, quiet, completely separate from the crowded Co To Island or Quan Lan Island

Not owning long white sandy beaches with blue water, no luxury hotels without stars and no bustling
atmosphere of the resort, the island of Milk Cake has itself a individual charactertistic. Previously, the island
is for aquaculture but now it is transforming into a tourist destination to discover.

Pristine and quiet of Banh Sua - Milk Cake Island

Enjoy a day on the island of Milk Cake: 5 am, when the tide is at its lowest, is the most appropriate time for
tourists and residents to catch sea cucumbers.

After a simple breakfast, people go on a boat to the Quan Cach cave and it takes about 30 minutes . The cave had been requisitioned as a military base during the American war of the North of Vietnam destruction. There are many shapes of stalactites columns and no less beautiful than caves in Halong Bay.

At noon when the sun shining down blue waters, the boat stops at the raft houses of fishermen on the bay.
From the water, they pull up the grid filled with seafood. Come on shrimp, fish, squid, crab ... all in fresh.

We bought some fresh seafood to bring back to Milk Cake Island to have the villager processing them. A lunch platter with full of seafood is brought up soon after. Sipped a cool beer, enjoying a red crab pincers and hear the ocean waves on the sand that feel happy, extremely happy!!!

A day on the island of Milk Cake Island

Original marine characterized Lunch of Van Don Island to tickle period, lion snail steamed, fried squid ...

Bai Tu Long Bay spectacular sight: Milk Cake Island has an area of less than 1km2 there are no long sandy
beaches as the others islands, but it has blue water cool and pristine.

Banh Sua - Milk Cake island island at noon

The island has a high rocky mountains, where people say it is the most beautiful place to watch the sunset
and panoramic of Bai Tu Long Bay. On the sunset, Bai Tu Long Bay appeared blue in mild sunshine.For admiring the fire red sun slowly sink into the mountains in all shapes immediate don't make us upset although sweating climbing the mountain.

Bai Tu Long Bay panoramic view from Milk cake island

Bai Tu Long Bay panoramic under sunset light.

"I like to take pictures and was watching the sunset in many different places on the island, but sunset very
magnificent Milk Cake. Bai Tu Long Bay panorama is full of sight, it will be one of the most beautiful sunset
photograph of me ", Le Dinh Nam (Phu Tho) share.

From Hanoi, you can take the bus ( My Dinh bus station, Gia Lam Luong Yen) to the city of Cam Pha (Quang Ninh) with a distance of about 220 km. Then take a bus, taxi or motorcycle taxi to the port of Cai Rong ( Van Don district).

In Cai Rong, you board the train Van Don - Ngoc Vung island, the ships stop at Milk Cake Island too.

Villagers life on Banh Sua Milk Cake Island

Beautiful places to take wedding photoes in Quang Ninh

Beautiful destinations for taking wedding album in Quang Ninh.

You are about to organize your honeymoon or intend to choose beautiful places for for your wedding album. Have you got the ideal location or not? Quang Ninh is not only a tourist destination of the world, but also the location attractive to couple. There are 6 most beautiful places: Van Don, Bai Chay Beach, Quang Ninh Museum, Tuan Chau,  Quan Lan Island ...

Beautiful places to take wedding photoes in Quang Ninh

Van Don Island District.

 Van Don island district with spectacular natural scenery, the beautiful island rising high above the sea, sandy beaches and smooth tonality stretching tens of kilometers, the long wooden bridge, curved reach out to the sea ... All of them makes up the soft beauty, lyricism for your wedding album.
Van Don Port brings a wild beauty, where the waves die cornered. It retains the definition of peace and quiet so you get two free (completely comfortable) to release your soul with the beautiful photos and the most natural.

Quan Lan Island.

Known after Van Don island district so Quan Lan still retain wild character. The scenery covers the island is beaches, Clear coastline and peaceful white water  .... All are very real, real amazing makes the perfect picture can not be better.

Quan Lan wild island for your wedding album

Tuan Chau 

Romantic beauty mixed with modern features have made a lot of couples "travel" hundreds of kilometers from Hanoi and Hai Duong, Hai Phong to Halong to record the happy shoots here. Tuan Chau is not only beautiful with white sand beaches sparkling in the sunshine, with the diversified structure alternating between spectacular mountains, but also is considered as one of the most romantic island in the world's natural wonders Ha Long Bay.

Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay Beach with white sand, blue sea, as well as an irresistible place to be if you intend to Quang Ninh for taking wedding photoes. Image of Bai Chay bridge will certainly make your wedding picture is extremely impressive.

Bride and groom on Bai Chay beach

Halong Bay.

Looking down from above, Ha Long Bay as an extremely giant lively picture. An island is shaped like a person standing on the land, another is like a dragon hovering above the water, another is like an old man sitting fishing (Hon Ong La Vong),  Hon Chicken, Hon Lu Huong ... All look very real, real amazing. The bride and groom can choose to delight the scenery, caves ... do wedding photography locations. Ha Long will be a place to keep the best picture of the bride and groom.

Taking wedding photoes in Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh Museum.

Location: 165 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Ha Long City. Quang Ninh Museum is a fascinating for wedding photography of many couples, this place holds many precious artifacts as well as the country's

And Quang Ninh Library, next to Quang Ninh Museum maybe one more bonus suggest for bride and groom when coming to Quang Ninh!