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9 harvested things after your trips!

Turn off Wi-Fi or 3G, lock your facebook are the way to make free time for yourself to learn something new and make friend with interesting peoples.

Let's list 9 harvested things you will get after trips!

Confidently encounter with unexpected situations:

Anyone may face with unexpected situations occurring on the road, whether would you ever prepare for what could be. But no matter what happens, you know that you can still find a way to solve, then your confidence will be growing after the trips.

Happiness spreads from natives:
To new lands, meet friendly locals, these immediately have the positive influence back to you.

Going far you do appreciate your family more:
We often see families and friends as usual & nature, but every long trip will make you feel cherish their loved ones more. Do not forget to call back home, because no one wants to hear your excitement about your trip if they aren't your relatives.

Making friends on the traveling routes is easier than at home.

In a new land, people can comfortably converse with strangers and every boundaries is erased. The native peoples want to know where you come from, whether other tourists want to drink beer together or use shared taxi for saving money. This interaction makes us feel happy, increase social relationships, have the opportunity to meet and converse with many interesting people. That also means that we learn a lot more.

women should travel more for being happier

"Being as themselves to experience the real freedom feeling" is what the girls get when traveling alone.

Spending time for yourself:

Traveling helps us to have space for herself which is considered as the luxuries in busy daily life. Those quiet moments will really relieve your tension and stress.

Opportunities to learn new things:

Learn skills as cooking or a new language are what you can harvest from the tours. Never stop learning makes our mind alway be active. According to psychologists, this will increase the happiness index, especially when learning what we really enjoy.

"GET AWAY FROM" Social Networking:

The social networking sites have both good and bad factors. Staying away from social networks is good for you in every travel time. Wifi is every where now, many people stop communicating directly with others only staring into the smartphone for checking Twitter, Facebook and emails ... When traveling, it is best to turn off wifi or select areas without wifi to avoid wasting time into social networks. At that time, you will be free to explore without any encumbered.

get rid off social networks in your trips for being real freedom

Additional vitamin D:

The trips with full of sunlight will make you more excited. Sea sunbathing will enhance health and needed vitamin D for your body.

Memorable experience:

For almost everyone, traveling is an opportunity for new experience. The moment of confusion when he saw the sunset over the sea, the sun's rays shining through the leaves, sunset sky turned to dark purple color ... can stagnate on your memories. Experience in the new land is valuable experience which gives you more confidence and happier.