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Westlake Yacht and Halong bay cruises

Comparison between Westlake Yacht and Halong bay cruise.

West Lake Boathouse, located at a prime location on the banks of West Lake with stunning views, has been a tourist destination for both foreigners and Vietnamese. Be endowed by nature / Incentives of earth and sky, with the West Lake scenic nature, historical, cultural celebrities such as Quan Thanh Temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Phu Tay Ho ... all seem to mix together with the space and Around the scene, creating an incredibly unique populations.

Westlake Yacht

The similarity between Westlake Yacht and Halong bay cruise.

On every trips, you can admire the scenic while having dinner. Beside that, with halong bay cruise tours, you can get some more activities onboard like : Listening to Vietnames ethnic music, watch art performances and squid fising at night.....

Visiting WESTLAKE temple - Phu Tay Ho

The difference between Westlake Yacht and Halong bay cruise.

On the trip of visiting the West Lake, tour guide will introduce the West Lake in the itinerary to visit and burn incense ceremony at Phu Tay Ho - Hanoi. WESTLAKE temple is located at the end of the peninsula protruding from Westlake with charming scenery.

Fishing villlage - A very own charming of halong bay tourism

Halong Bay - One of the new 7 natural wonders of the world - destination for many domestic & foreigner.

If the West Lake is a day cruise trip, but on a Halong bay cruise tour, you have 2 choice for day tours and overnight tours on the bay!

Accomodation on Halong bay cruise

During the tour of Ha Long bay cruise with Huong Hai Sealife Cruise: Tourist will be visiting unspoiled and romantic destinations such as: Thien Canh Son beach, Grass Cave and specially, Hang visit Vung Vieng fishing village - A very own beauty of Ha Long tourism!

The difference between Westlake Yacht and Halong bay cruise.


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