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From Bai Chay, Tuan Chau Port to Halong Bay

New bus route from Bai Chay to Tuan Chau International passenger Port.

Along with the moving all of the cruise from Bai Chay Wharf to Tuan Chau International passenger Port, Quang Ninh will open a new bus route: Bai Chay - Tuan Chau to serve residents and visitors wishing to visit Halong Bay. Bus routes will be officially operational from 01.01.2016.

Port terminal area Tuan Chau International passenger Port extensively meet the needs of thousands of parked vehicles.
Currently, the road from Bai Chay to Tuan Chau is about 30km while have no the bus. Especially, visitors who want to visit Halong Bay will be very difficult for moving to the port. Understanding the travel needs of residents and visitors, together with the Committee of Quang Ninh province to build the brand of Ha Long tourist, Phuc Xuyen Company has invested commissioning  "special" dynamic bus from Bai Chay tourist - Tuan Chau international passenger ships Port.

Bai Chay - Tuan Chau port bus lines

Following Mr. Doan The Xuyen, Director of Phuc Xuyen Company said, the route of bus lines: old Bai Chay Ferry (Lighthouse) Hon Gai Port - Bai Chay Post Office - Muong Thanh Hotel - New beach - Night Market (Lotus Hotels - Marine Plaza) - Hung Thang road - Toyota Quang Ninh - Tuan Chau international Resorts  - Tuan Chau international passenger ships Port. The company is expected to exploit the frequency of 20 minutes / trip and on time, the high season will be increased to 10 minutes / visit. The face value tickets: VND7,000 and VND10,000 / milestones; The entire route is 15,000.

Tuan Chau International passenger port

Also according to Mr. Doan The Xuyen, for a short time to prepare so the companies are rushing to organise vehicles, personnel, facilities ... to go into operation on schedule as planned. The company is conducting the survey, planned to install the guest reception stations, billboards, buses and the best layout on routes. The company is expecting Tuan Chau Group to support for the installation of the hitching posts, signs in the locality area Tuan Chau International Tourism and free of charge parking facilities at the port area. The copany also wants to subsidize bus routes provincial "special" to further improve vehicle quality, serving travelers to Halong.

Tuan Chau Port - "Gateway" of Halong Bay

International passenger ship port Tuan Chau - "Gateway" of Halong Bay.

Talking to us, Mr. Dang Tuan Ha, deputy director of Tuan Chau international passenger ships Port said, with existing capacity, cruise port terminal area can accommodate thousands of cars at the same time kind the number of people visiting at about 50 to 60 thousand people. Therefore, Port vessels will allocate a separate area for buses Bai Chay - Tuan Chau ensure safety and convenience for residents and visitors.
Date 01/01/2016, Bai Chay bus - Tuan Chau official activities. Certainly with the preparation of the Company Limited Phuc Xuyen and international passenger ships Port Tuan Chau bus "special" will please the residents and visitors, contributing to build beautiful pictures Ha Long tourism with people.


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