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Halong Bay Vietnam: Top of 27 Asia Natural wonders

Next to Son Doong Cave, Vietnam honorly contributed two other famous: Halong Bay & the Biosphere Reserve of Can Gio mangroves in the list of 27 natural wonders in Asia.

 Halong Bay ranks 1st in the top 27 Asia Natural wonder

 Halong bay vietnam in list of 27 Asia natural wonder
Top 27 natural wonders in Asia by SmarterTravel,US specialized travel site election, it can be seen in the list the most popular destinations in Asia and around the world. Surprise of all, Vietnam Halong Bay is in the Top rank.
According to the SmarterTravel's introduction, Halong bay with more than 1500 large and small islands and featuring turquoise water color characteristic. Specialized travel page also advises travelers to watch the sunset on a boat cruise, enjoy the beauty of the bay at night to have an unforgettable experience.


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Son Doong Cave, Vietnam ranks 19th in list
Meanwhile, Son Doong cave in caves communities of Phong Nha Ke Bang ranks No. 19. Recently, Son Doong Cave is the special name attracted media and public opinion since its exquisite is ABC News (US) transmitted directly to millions of viewers.
SmarterTravel described, this is the world's largest Caves with a length of 5.5 miles (nearly 9km). The cave contains both rivers and rare vegetation cover. Although discovered in 1991, but until 2009, Son Doong Cave has just been discovered completely.
 Son Doong Cave, Vietnam spectacular beauty.
The Biosphere Reserve of Can Gio mangrove forest is the final name in the 27 Asia Natural wonders list. Here are colonies of many forest species of terrestrial, aquatic, formed on the vast delta of the Vam Co River, Dong Nai and Saigon rivers. UNESCO has recognized Can Gio biosphere reserves in the world.

 The Biosphere Reserve of Can Gio mangrove forest is the final name in the list

Take in some of the famous landmarks of Asia in the top 27:

Chocolate hills of Philippines

Tubbataha reef, Philippines

Kuang Si waterfall, Laos

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