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Nature of Vietnam shining on the international film

Halong Bay Vietnam appeared impressive in Indochina film ( Vietnamese: Indochina) won the Oscar for Best film speaking in foreign language in 2013.

10 things to bring on your perfect Halong tour

Camera must be on top of the things you should bring for every trip, not only Halong bay tours! You don’t want to wait any moments in front of the amazing landscapes.

From Bai Chay, Tuan Chau Port to Halong Bay

Terminal area of Tuan Chau International passenger Port extensively meets the needs of thousands of parked vehicles.

Halong Bay Kayaking, one of the World’s Best Adventure

Adventure holidays are a way to explore the world around you, without trawling malls, staying in luxury cruise & having endless massages at a spa.

Halong Bay Vietnam: Top of 27 Asia Natural wonders

Next to Son Doong Cave, Vietnam honorly contributed 2 other famous Halong Bay & Biosphere Reserve of Can Gio mangroves in the list of 27 Asia natural wonders

Halong bay-Top 5 natural attractions in South East Asia

Vietnam is such a majestic part of Southeast Asia and Halong Bay is truly the jewel in its crown.

Halong city is surprisingly beautiful from Queen Slings!

The system of Queen cable car & Sun Wheel in project of Ocean Park (Ha Long city) officially go into operation. In it, the Queen Slings has 2 cable car cabins, capacity of 230 passengers / cabin

Halong smile and sales culture in Halong Night Market.

The Management Board also provides Market Regulation in building civilized market trading, as sales at list prices, ye-catching and logical arrage of commodity ; always ensure clean and beautiful Halong Night Market image

Hanoi was voted as the world's best destinations for cheap travel.

The Capital of Vietnam - Hanoi - at the top of least expensive destinations in the world, travel sites TripAdvisor has announced.

How to roll Fresh Vietnamese Spring roll

The tutorial to make the perfect fresh spring rolls

Impression up-coming Carnival Halong 2015 Festival.

There are 4 main parts included in the Carnival Halong 2015, namely opening ceremony, art performances on stage, parade and fireworks.

International cruise ship "broke ground" Hon Gai Port.

On the morning 01/01/2016, Seabourn Sojourn cruise has reached Hon Gai port, carrying nearly 500 tourists, most of them are the US, the United Kingdom, Australia , Germany, Canada...

Luxury Golf course on the banks of Halong Bay.

FLC Halong Golf Course is rated as one of the golf courses with the best views in the world

Massage-the relaxing moments with Huong Hai Ha Long

The magical therapy to get out of the stresses and depression on the Huong Hai Halong's cruises

More than 20,000 tourists arrived to Ha Long Beach on April 30.

The number of tourists travelling to Halong rocketed in April 30.

Plan for a cheap Co To Island Trips

The most beautiful time for visiting Co To Island is the summer, from April to September, 3D2N tours only costs about 1,200,000 VND / person.

Quan Lan-the pearl of the ocean.

The beauty of Quan Lan island, a beautiful island of Ha Long Bay area. This scenery is irresistibly stunning and attractive to all the tourists coming to that island.

Quang Ninh welcomes more than 100,000 tourists in national holiday.

Bay of "Descending Dragons", has been recognized twice by UNESCO as a World Heritage Area for its world-famous landscapes, geology and geomorphology, in 1994 and 2000

Sakura festival 2015 in Halong bay.

Quang Ninh province and Halong city honorably co-organize the Sakura festival 2015.

Stories behind the name of Halong bay.

Halong bay is a common place in Vietnam. However, the name behind it is still a myth.

Sung sot Cave, most famous cave in center of Halong Bay

Sung Sot-Surprise Cave on Bo Hon Island is one of the most spectacular grotto in Ha Long Bay. Its mouth is reached by ascending about a hundred stone steps

The incredibly wonderful seascapes of Halong Bay,

Halong bay Vietnam is famous for the nature beauty. Halong Bay marvelous seascapes, the pround of Vietnam.

The top 5 famous cuisines in Halong bay.

The stunning Halong bay cuisines which turn your Halong bay cruise tours more vivid.

The urgency of protecting the ecosystem in Halong Bay

Huong Hai Sealife Cruise has acted for the green, cleaning the Bay, contributing to protect the beauty of Ha Long Bay

Top 5 most beautiful islands and islets in Halong bay.

Among all the islands in Halong, some stand out to be the most beautiful islands and islets.

Top 7 items indispensable on your beach vacation packages

Summer Fashion Trends 2015, Summer vacation, the latest Skirts, sexy Bikini and travel trend 2015

Visit local fishermen in Halong bay floating villages

Visit local fishermen, cultural heritage & traveler attraction in Halong where people are living for hundred of years with fishing as the main income activity

Welcome to Bai Tu Long Bay !

Bai Tu Long Bay with hundreds of islands bobbing on the water with hundreds of kilometers white sand beaches in Minh Chau, Quan Lan Island, Ngoc Vung Island…

What to bring beside you when traveling

You need to prepare good walking shoes, hat & sunscreen. Remember, the bay is sometimes cold at night on board. Bring a sweater beside U

Why should be Bai Tu Long bay?

Bai Tu Long Bay focus of high biodiversity with typical ecosystems such as mangrove, coral reef,tropical forests ecosystem

Why should you travel?

You are sometimes laughed at your accent when trying to talk to one by their gesture but it’s not any problem as all of these communications are memorable & priceless

why you should backpack to travel when young?

Let's shelve everything aside and prepare for a journey to experience and challenge yourself, don't let you regret about missing any interesting trips

Westlake Yacht and Halong bay cruises

If the West Lake is a day cruise trip, but on a Halong bay cruise tour, you have 2 choice for day tours and overnight tours on the bay!

Halong bay triumphs 1st in the top 27 marvelous natural landscapes

Of 27 natural wonders listed on the rank of the most amazing landscapes, Halong bay of Vietnam ranks the first place.

Westlake Yacht and Halong bay cruises

If the West Lake is a day cruise trip, but on a Halong bay cruise tour, you have 2 choice for day tours and overnight tours on the bay!


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