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Nature of Vietnam shining on the international film

Halong Bay Vietnam appeared impressive in Indochina film of French Director - Régis Wargnier  ( Vietnamese Titled: Indochina) , won the Oscar for film speaking in foreign language best in 2013.

Halong Bay charming as Heaven on French Film

                                        Halong bay appeared in famous movies name "Pan and Neverland".

Romantic background with Trong Mai  and the boats bobbing on the water.

Hon Trong Mai on the camera of Indochina film crew
                                                         Hon Trong Mai, Ha Long in Indochina crew lens.
Looking from above, Ha Long Bay becomes poetic on the camera of Indochina crew. After watching this film, a wave of French tourists has reached to Vietnam for visiting famous scenic spots like on film. 
An empty lot in the area of Ha Long Bay complex was built as the setting of "Indochina".
Indochina film of French director Régis Wargnier recreated the image of the country Vietnam from 1930 to 1950. In addition to depicting the lives of the people under colonial poverty but bravely stand up for independence, the film also showed the beautiful scenery in the country shaped S. Therefore, the film has many scenes in Hanoi, Halong Bay, Ninh Binh ...                                                           

Beautiful architecture of Hue mausoleum is impressive in design, exudes ancient and dignified."Indochina" become foreign film production in the first rotation Tu Duc mausoleum (Hue). The crew was inside the citadel of Hue and also power up scenes of Bao Dai King .


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