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We were the group of 16 from Sri Lanka Stayed on 23rd - 24th Mid day. We loved and really do appreciate the warm welcome that they gave us by playing a drum ( Traditional). The rooms are really nice and clean. We really Enjoyed the food. Also the demonstration of making spring roles was really interesting and thanks for educating, we really enjoyed while making it. Also we really enjoyed the dance by the Shipping Crew ;) it was really touching we all enjoyed it to the fullest. The Shipping Crew was really friendly with us and I personally did miss them and I didn't forget to say them good bye to each one of them. And saddest moment was saying good bye to the ship. I really wish I could come back someday again. Thank you so much for the hospitality.

Amazing experience, great facility and staff

Amazing experience, great facility and staff

We had a double room, where the bed was right next to the big window so that we had an amazing view on the bay. The room was spacious and clean, the bed was comfy. The boat was very safe and not wavy at all. The food was good and the staff was great, very caring and friendly. The tour and the activities offered were comprehensive and for free.


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