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The top 5 famous cuisines in Halong bay.

1. Grilled squid.

When You comes to Halong Bay, grilled squid is the most famous sea food that every tourists had better try. It is considered as the brand of Halong cuisines and one of the most famous foods Halong. With the crunchy, tasty feeling and typical flavor of the ocean, grilled squid is preferred by almost all tourists coming here.

Halong bay grilled squid famous seafood, Halong-bay-grilled-squid-cha-muc

2. Grilled squid with rice rolling cake.

The rolling cake made from the mushroom, fried onion, meat; eaten along with the grilled squid will be the perfect experience with the Halong bay tour trips. If you are a foodholic with the traditional foods of destination, then grilled squid with rolling cake would be your choice.

Halong grilled squid with rice rolling cakes

3. Sandy worm.

Sandy worm or in Vietnamese called “Sa Sung”, a typical Halong Seafood. The fresh sandy worm fried with garlic and parsley is a delicious food. The dry sandy worm with the brown color is more tasty when being grilled, fried. Moreover, it can be used for the noodle broth. Sandy worm is quite rare, with the high value and it costs about 4 million VND/kg.

Sandy worm or Sa Sung Halong seafood

4.“Finger snail”

“Finger snail” just appears in the sea and ocean. Its name is derived from its shape. The fishermen catch the finger snail based on the tide regulation. This mollusk lives in the muddy sand at the estuary and its main food is plankton. When the tide rises, this animal comes up and quickly submerges into the sand if it feels any movements. On the Halong bay cruise tour, you will have chance to savor this mouth-watering food for your memorable trip.

Finger snail or Oc-mong-tay only in Halong Bay


Geo-duck is a famous creature of Van Don Island. It is also called “elephant trunk snail” in some places. Geo-duck can be steamed, freshly eaten, porridge-made, grilled or anyway else.

If you come to Halong Vietnam, don’t forget to take a try at those stunning delicious foods. It can enhance your experience in Halong bay.

Geo-Duck also called Tu Hai Nuong in Vietnamese


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