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Top 5 most beautiful islands and islets in Halong bay.

If you and your family wants to have a Halong Bay Vietnam Tours, there are 4 islands & 1 Islet you should certainly explore :

1.      Titov island

If you come to Halong bay, you can skip all the tour programs without mentioning about Titov island on the itinerary because Titov island deserves to stand in the list of most beautiful island in Halong bay.

The name Titov is attached with the visit of President Ho Chi Minh and a famous Russian astronaut Titov in 1962. Before it, this island was named “Cat Nang”. Possessing the crecent-shaped long white sand beach, Titov island is an ideal place for the swimming activities, relaxing and other sport activities like kayaking, trekking.


2. Cock-fighting Island. 

Cock-fighting island is one of the most beautiful islands in Halong bay. With the shape of 2 giant cocks, more than 10m waving their wings fighting on the surface of ocean. No matter which Halong tours you choose, the day tour or the overnight cruise, cock-fighting island will be the attraction which you could hardly keep your eyes off when passing over here.

With the high values in regarding to aesthetic aspect as well as the symbolic value, cock-fighting chicken has become the symbol of Halong bay particular and Quang Ninh tourism generally.


3. Tuan Chau Island. 

Tuan Chau has turned into one of the most famous places and the most-visited islands in Halong over 10 years. With the convenient location, not that far from the mainland and the immense area, Tuan Chau has been planned to become an entertainment complex with theme parks, playgrounds, restaurants, hotels, which meet the ever-lasting demand of tourists to Ha long bay in recent years.

If you want to explore the wild beauty of Halong in parallel with the modern aspects of a developing touristy city, Tuan Chau Island would be an ideal destination for your Halong trips.


4. Ngoc Vung Island.

Lying 34km far from the touristy dock, Ngoc Vung Island is a pristine coastal area with many fascinating things to tourists. However, on coming here, travelers are chanced to admire the amazing beauty of one of the only soil islands in Halong bay. With the long white sand and next-sea jungles, Ngoc Vung Island is naturally prioritized with the marvelous graces, which can enchant every tourist.

Additionally, when visiting Ngoc Vung Island, tourists are delivered the opportunities to have a look at the local life of fishermen in the island with the daily works like feeding the pearl, collecting the sea creatures… Those experiences will really sharpen your memories in this lovely trip to Ngoc Vung Island.


5. Frog Islet.

Frog Islet ranks on top, on the list, of marvelous rocky islets on Halong bay with the image of a frog sitting on the surface of spacious ocean. With the location not too far from mainland, Frog islet is also a popular place for tourists to take photos with friends and family.



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