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Top 7 items indispensable on your beach vacation packages

Top 7 items indispensable on your beach vacation packages
Event: Summer Fashion 2015

Summer sailing season! Then go to the beach, the girls need to prepare what to have a perfect holiday?

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TOP 7 items indispensable on your beach vacation package

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You want to have a great sea voyage so you need to prepare a lot of things. But what is most important & indispensable, see what is listed below.

1. Bikini - Swimwear

You sail just to blow off steam after the time of learning, working hard enjoy the feeling of being comfortable playing with the waves. So a swimsuit is indispensable, bikini will help you easier to swim. You should bring at least 2 swimsuit that you can change the style and color to your liking.

Bikini in TOP 7 items for your beach vacation

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are both fashion accessories add personality created for you, it is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Sunglasses is 2nd items on your beach vacation trip
Sunglasses protect your eyes from direct UV beam and plays as one of fashion accessories

3. Sunscreen

Surely, sunscreen is what you think of first when they think about the sailing, especially for girls. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays harmful to your skin. You want to go to the beach but also want to protect our skin so that's neccessary for you to wear sunscreen before sailing.

SunScreen and Brimmed hat is needed for you beach trip
Use sunscreen when going out to the sea to protect your skin.

4. Brimmed Hats

Wide-brimmed hats just beautiful, we just make a gentle, beautiful for women, just like one umbrella cover the sun and protect your skin from direct sunlight.

5. Shoes

The choice of the most suitable to combine with the sailing outfits like skirts or bikinis maxi is flip-flops, sandal or shoe sunk. It helps you unleash kick up, playing on the beach without fear of fatigue or leg pain.

Flip-flops, sandals help you spoiled for entertainment at sea

6. Towels

A large soft bath towel when wearing outside bikini not only help you get away of the sun, but also makes you feel warmer after sailing.

Towel is 6th item on your vacation packageThere are a lot of towels at the beach action

7. Maxi dress

In recent years maxi dress with a variety of designs and colors have become the first choice for her before sailing.

Maxi dress is indispensable if the choice you want to go to sea

Maxi dress is the last item indispensable at the beach


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