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What to bring beside you when traveling


Before starting a cruise Halong, tourists should have specific guidelines to prepare all the needed things for your Halong tour. The following information will help your vacation to become really comfortable, enjoyable & more memorable.

First day

Guests should bring a small bag containing the necessary papers, a set of clothes, swimsuits, fitness items and drugs while waiting for luggage check-in before entering your own cabin.

Shorts, shirts, trousers, skirt, skirt sundress is the outfit for the day, outdoors and indoors.

When going to the beach, bring 2 sets in case of 1 of them becomes wet. Also, it should have a pair of shoes or sandals often (flops, sandals, sports). You also need more short pants and T-shirts, scarves prior to or after leaving the pool.

Book, hat and sandal or shoes should be beside you

Book, hat and sandals or shoes should be beside you when visiting Halong Bay!

Note: The guide in the night dress is as follows:

- Costumes common: short and long pants for men, dresses or trousers sundress for the ladies.
- Costumes often but more elaborate: jackets and ties for men, dresses or trousers for ladies.
- Luxury Apparel: Clothing, and tie or jacket for men and cocktail dress for women.


There are 3 kinds of books you need to bring:

- Travel Guide: helps you discover new destinations
- Diaries: keeping all vivid memories of trip
- Address book

* Do not forget to bring binoculars.

Binoculars is useful for your halong bay tours

Binoculars maybe useful for your tours on Halong Bay Cruise.


Need to spend a few rooms in your baggage to store souvenirs. Some of us:
- Bring shirts and pants / skirt which can suits into multiple sets together
- Wear the most heavy and suitable shoes in stead of carrying them during the trip
- Store small items in large appliances
- Bring an extra bag to bring additional things
- Women carry cocktail dresses, men carry extra-tone suit or tie for the night in mind. Also prepare costume normal but pickier as dress or pants for women, jackets for men.

Souvenirs on you halong bay vietnam Tours

Coral - Souvenirs on you Halong Bay Vietnam Tours.

To remember the short pants, T-shirts and swimming costumes do not fit the luxurious dinner. Costumes can be worn in conventional Café restaurants. Also, you need to add more polite outfit at some specialty restaurants.


You need to prepare good walking or sporting shoes, hat and sunscreen. Remember, the bay is cool or sometimes cold at night on board. Bring a sweater, jacket beside you !


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